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  • Word up. After six years of running the site in our free time, we've decided to call it a day before updates drop to the level of frequency you'd associate with a king penguin's breeding cycle.

    The original motive for creating Spannered was to keep available content from our previous projects, Overload Media and Musicalbear, and that'll stay accessible right here, along with all the great audio, features and reviews we've gathered up since launching in 2006.

    We'd like to extend a huge thanks to everyone who's written for Spannered over the years, the many artists who've let us host their mixes, live sets and exclusive tracks, all the spammers who have given us hearty belly laughs by letting us bait them, and of course, everyone who's bothered reading and listening to the weird, wonderful and occasionally banal stuff with which we've filled these pages.

    Just before closing up shop we had a flurry of fine mixes drop into our inbox, so be sure to head across to our radio section to check them out.

    We'll be continuing to use our Twitter account for occasional outbursts of enthusiasm and sarcasm. Head over there and befriend us if you like.

    Cheerio :)
    28 Apr 2012
  • Bun in the oven? Put down that pickles and ice cream combo and tuck into Oddcast #1527 Apr 2012
  • Bernard Cribbins, Icelandic cellists, jazz greats... Glasgow's Production Unit assembles two hours of worldly delights for our 14th Oddcast.26 Mar 2012
  • Kone-R's review radar picks up the new Conforce album and James Ruskin and Mark Broom's collaboration as The Fear Ratio.22 Nov 2011
  • Third Ear Recordings celebrates ten years of emitting deep and distinctive electronic sounds. Spannered talks to founder Guy McCreery.17 Nov 2011
  • Loosen your tie and get down to half an hour of Bollywood oddities and sitar-fuelled strangeness from the Nam Shub of Enki.10 Oct 2011
  • 28 Sep 2011
  • It's been 20 years since UK rave duo Altern 8 released their classic anthem Frequency. Kone-R dons his fluoro facemask and speaks with the track's creator Mark Archer.28 Sep 2011
  • The mysterious agent2 of London's Rebel Intelligence collective rocks out deep dance trax from the likes of Surburban Knight, Snuff Crew and Virgo Four.22 Apr 2011
  • Going out to all the noisy neighbours. Bass Clef invites you on a nostalgic tour of the influences behind his latest album.18 Apr 2011
  • Mike Dred, Hendrix of the 303, unearths a vintage mixtape and takes questions from Kone-R.15 Apr 2011
  • Call the fuzz. Spannered interviews Westcountry analogue advocate Ekoplekz.9 Apr 2011
  • Has Matt Whitehead delivered the summer's soundtrack with his Power House Megamix? Dust off your boombox, get involved.8 Apr 2011
  • Kone-R talks to UK techno stalwart James Ruskin about current releases on his influential Blueprint Records and of label plans for 2011.23 Mar 2011
  • Lester Whimpers ruminates on Dylan Carlson and co's latest journey to rich and strange regions of the musical cosmos.4 Mar 2011
Where did all this content come from?
We kidnapped the Guardian's Alex Petridis, locked him in a windowless room and kept him awake on methamphetamine until he'd written a massive archive for us. Well, actually we didn't (it probably wouldn't have been all that anyway). No, much of the content in fact comes from two websites: Overload Media and Musicalbear. Both have now run their course, but we've compiled the best of their archives here, along with a stack of freshly Spannered stuff.

I contributed to the sites you mention but I don't want my work on Spannered.

Oh dear, that's a shame. The site isn't here to profit from your work or anyone else's, but if you really don't want your contribution in the archive, please drop us a line about it.

Have some articles been edited since they last appeared online?

For readability's sake, yes, some items have been edited.

Items are missing from your archive.

The Spannered archive doesn't feature everything previously published on the Musicalbear and Overload Media sites — we've selected what we feel to be the prime cuts.

I would like to contribute.

Splendid. Sadly we're no longer accepting submissions to the site though.

I would like to send you music/books/films in the post.

We're no longer publishing reviews on these pages, but if you'd still like to send us something (music, crisps, Rizlas, etc.), please post it off to the following address:

PO Box 47111
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