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This comedy of literary largesse and family strife confirms Agnès Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri as the creative powerhouses of French film.
The 'Bear delights in some new, lesser known works from Kurosawa.
Amores Perros, the debut feature by Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu, brought him international...
An honest and courageous documentary, chronicling the disintegration of a middle-class suburban Jewish family.
Anton Corbijn's first feature film forges a fittingly bleak yet affecting depiction of the life and career of Joy Division frontman, the late Ian Curtis.
Ash Ghadiali looks at Robert Greenwald's Walmart film and asks just what is Michael Moore's legacy for the art of the documentary.
Bill Condon's biopic tells the story of the man who uncovered America's sexual hypocrisies... but gets a little bogged down.
Memories of Murder is a detective film based around the true story of the rape and murder of ten women over a six year period from 1986 to...
(warning: this review reveals the plot ending)"The devil's on holiday with you..." so prophesies an eccentric stranger at an...
Visceral, effing bizarre, creepy and traumatic... From Chris Cunningham's first short we wouldn't expect anything less.
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... Shot on DV for a fraction of the cost of Hollywood's usual fair, Open Water is...
A flawed but astounding work which pushes at the boundaries of what film can do.
Origin stories rule, despite some godawful clichés.
Okay groovy title I know, and the premise sounds mad but here we go – the Gobi Desert, spring 2002: a family of nomadic shepherds assists...
Dave McKean's delightfully strange animations and mythical beasts brings out the little kid in you.
Comic road movie with an Oscar-worthy central performance that satisfies in a non-conventional kind of a way.
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