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in 1952 Ernesto Guevara, a 23-year-old medical student, sets out from the comfort of his bourgeois Buenos Aires home to explore South America...
Oliver, twisted by the Polish dwarf? Not as much as you might think – it’s a sumptuous family tale with dark undercurrents.
Van Sant's latest has all the dreamy strengths of his last two films - just don't go and see it if you're a wannabe rock star.
Intelligent, engrossing thriller, but does it give you the fear?
Sean Penn is true to form in this interesting historical thriller with contemporary relevance.
Comedy set in Franco's Spain about middle-aged gonzo pornsters with a passion for Bergman.
It's a movie, Jim, but not as we know it.... muses Tara P. Nevertheless, this low budget sci-fi flick impresses.
Dave McKean's delightfully strange animations and mythical beasts brings out the little kid in you.
Von Trier's newest brings plenty of things to mind. Hegel and Thomas the Tank Engine among others...
Amelie does wartorn France, but is this another example of style over substance from Jean-Pierre Jeunet?
Documentary films with a political bent have enjoyed continued successes over the last year, and in this spirit Musicalbear warmly receives...
(warning: this review reveals the plot ending)"The devil's on holiday with you..." so prophesies an eccentric stranger at an...
Low budget innovation and narcissism collide in this arresting debut.
Feline Dunst and spurting white goo? It can only be Hollywood's latest assault on your senses.
Ever hear the one about the Czech film students and the ruthless satire on consumer society?
Can you imagine a film that does for kung-fu and football what Airplane did for the aviation disaster? Nor could we, until he saw this.
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