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In March 2001 the gigantic statue of Buddha hewn in a cavity of the rock in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, was destroyed by the ruling Taliban, along with...
Amores Perros, the debut feature by Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu, brought him international...
François Ozon takes a backwards look at relationships.
The first German film to be accepted at Cannes for 11 years provides some serious food for revolutionary thought.
Visceral, effing bizarre, creepy and traumatic... From Chris Cunningham's first short we wouldn't expect anything less.
Did you spot as many references in Tarantino's misshapen masterpiece as we did? Read on to find out…
Ah, sex and money, money and sex – two things we are obsessed by, and eternal causes for complaint amongst those that have no luck with...
Comic road movie with an Oscar-worthy central performance that satisfies in a non-conventional kind of a way.
Feline Dunst and spurting white goo? It can only be Hollywood's latest assault on your senses.
(warning: this review reveals the plot ending)"The devil's on holiday with you..." so prophesies an eccentric stranger at an...
Low budget innovation and narcissism collide in this arresting debut.
Amelie does wartorn France, but is this another example of style over substance from Jean-Pierre Jeunet?
Documentary films with a political bent have enjoyed continued successes over the last year, and in this spirit Musicalbear warmly receives...
Sean Penn is true to form in this interesting historical thriller with contemporary relevance.
Comedy set in Franco's Spain about middle-aged gonzo pornsters with a passion for Bergman.
It's a movie, Jim, but not as we know it.... muses Tara P. Nevertheless, this low budget sci-fi flick impresses.
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