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In his fourth feature Solondz returns to his familiar style of politically incorrect and irreverent black humour. The story's set around the young...
Eye-catching but conventional comic book adaptation that may disappoint.
Visceral, effing bizarre, creepy and traumatic... From Chris Cunningham's first short we wouldn't expect anything less.
It appears that barely a month passes without the release of a film that questions the nature of identity and perceptions of reality, however for...
Origin stories rule, despite some godawful clichés.
Frank Miller wrote and drew the original sin city comic books and was writer on the classic batman graphic novels, Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One, which were a major influence on the new film Batman Begins. He has recently co-directed a film version of Sin City.
Henry K bemoans the absence of one of Antonioni’s finest works from a season showing at London's National Film Theatre, and dissects its political importance.
Comedy set in Franco's Spain about middle-aged gonzo pornsters with a passion for Bergman.
It's a movie, Jim, but not as we know it.... muses Tara P. Nevertheless, this low budget sci-fi flick impresses.
This indie offering gives a refreshing view of LA life.
Van Sant's latest has all the dreamy strengths of his last two films - just don't go and see it if you're a wannabe rock star.
Oliver, twisted by the Polish dwarf? Not as much as you might think – it’s a sumptuous family tale with dark undercurrents.
From Russia with horror. Nght Watch may contain a lot of mumbo jumbo but get past that and it's great, reckons Lance Barrington.
Intelligent, engrossing thriller, but does it give you the fear?
Dave McKean's delightfully strange animations and mythical beasts brings out the little kid in you.
Von Trier's newest brings plenty of things to mind. Hegel and Thomas the Tank Engine among others...
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