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2046 is a delirious slice of melancholy that may be just about the most ravishing thing you've seen on the big screen since... Well, it's...
Amores Perros, the debut feature by Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu, brought him international...
François Ozon takes a backwards look at relationships.
Art? Porn? Art porn? Henry K Miller's not so sure if Winterbottom's newest is any of them.
Amelie does wartorn France, but is this another example of style over substance from Jean-Pierre Jeunet?
A new Woody Allen film used to be a thing to be celebrated, you looked forward to it every year like Christmas and you knew it would be intelligent,...
Daughter of one of Iran’s most successful directors, Samira Makhmalbaf has become an important figure in Asian cinema in her own right, being...
Gven that General Franco’s regime outlasted its fascist counterparts by thirty years, Spanish cinema inevitably spent the mid-twentieth...
Origin stories rule, despite some godawful clichés.
It’s impossible to know whether one needs to have seen before Sunrise (1995) in order fully to appreciate this, its sequel, but in...
An honest and courageous documentary, chronicling the disintegration of a middle-class suburban Jewish family.
Chris McLaughlin was slightly disappointed by this watering down of the ‘Comic Strip Presents...’ legacy, but it’s all in the name of good clean fun..
Another excellent Cinema 16 compilation has hit the shelves. Just think of it as a sanctuary for baby hedgehogs, says Lance Barrington.
Do you need a knowledge of Roland Barthes to understand Winterbottom's latest? Henry K goes to find out...
Ah, sex and money, money and sex – two things we are obsessed by, and eternal causes for complaint amongst those that have no luck with...
Anton Corbijn's first feature film forges a fittingly bleak yet affecting depiction of the life and career of Joy Division frontman, the late Ian Curtis.
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