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It was clear that the spirit of independence was up against the wall when the institutions of power decreed 'you're either with us or against...
Ever hear the one about the Czech film students and the ruthless satire on consumer society?
This gripping Second World War tragedy breaks German taboos and portrays Hitler as an all-too-human monster.
Controversial but hugely popular, Michael Moore continues his quest to expose the ills of an unjust world.
Two years after completion, Leandro HBL & Wesley Pentz's documentary on the sound of Rio's favelas finally sees a proper release. Greg Scruggs serves up critique and sociological context.
Intelligent, engrossing thriller, but does it give you the fear?
Did you spot as many references in Tarantino's misshapen masterpiece as we did? Read on to find out…
Bill Condon's biopic tells the story of the man who uncovered America's sexual hypocrisies... but gets a little bogged down.
The 'Bear delights in some new, lesser known works from Kurosawa.
Van Sant's latest has all the dreamy strengths of his last two films - just don't go and see it if you're a wannabe rock star.
A flawed but astounding work which pushes at the boundaries of what film can do.
This comedy of literary largesse and family strife confirms Agnès Jaoui and Jean-Pierre Bacri as the creative powerhouses of French film.
Sophia Coppola's Lost In Translation shows that she is set to join her father as one of American cinema's most interesting filmmakers.
Von Trier's newest brings plenty of things to mind. Hegel and Thomas the Tank Engine among others...
The near future, America is torn apart by civil war and the only thing that might help is musician Jack Fate (Bob Dylan) playing at a benefit...
Documentary films with a political bent have enjoyed continued successes over the last year, and in this spirit Musicalbear warmly receives...
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