Here you'll come across writing on technology, capitalism, copyright law, sound warfare, and even talking bovines. Some articles are a little dated as they stretch back to 2000, but we think they’re worth a read nonetheless.

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How can internet radio bring about positive change in Rio’s de Janeiro's shantytowns? In more ways that you would think, discovers Spannered.
Outposts of stimulating debate, or citadels of covert cockfoolery? Gerald Ras Wiener passes comment on the tempestuous world of internet message boards.
SZA reports on how the UK’s once anarchic festival circuit has become dominated by brewery conglomerates and big business.
The British Phonographic Industry wants to extend the length of copyright currently applied to sound recordings. But such a move would impede our cultural heritage, says Becky Hogge.
The eagerly awaited second instalment of Dave Marcia's bovine saga.
A wee story inspired by seeing Peaches play live at Sonar.
‘We call ourselves 'culture jammers', the advance shock troops of the most significant social movement of the next twenty years.’
Is an evening in the company of Lego dragons, a nostalgic folk musician and David Lynch enough to make one take up transcendental meditation? Not quite, says Judith Evans.
The history of the application of sound in warfare is, by its very nature, cloaked in secrecy and misinformation. Much of what seeps out into...
The impact of the bursting of the internet bubble has seen companies dissolve overnight and the creation of a new generation of transient workers, moving from failure to failure, but being paid very well along the way. Here, a certified 'dotcom casualty' ruminates on the impact of these changes and looks at the wider picture that is unkowingly affecting us all.
Spannered cuisine commentator Ron Beverage takes two unsuspecting ladies up the Oxo Tower.
Who are the winners and losers in Rio’s race for global sports recognition? Greg Scruggs reports from the 2007 Pan American Games.
We are officially at war. I am not talking about glorious, painful and messy warfare that has defined our historical conception of conflict...
Newspapers have long seen themselves as agents of justice, but not even the broadsheets know the meaning of the word, says Matt Henry.
Public, peaceful protest is one of the most powerful ways of drawing media attention to a cause. From the Greenham Peace Women to the students in Tianmen Square, when the people took their grievance to the streets, the media has taken it to the world at large. But what happens when the negative publicity generated for the activists is greater than the exposure they seek for their cause?
Ten years ago, a distinguished American journalist predicted that 'By 2000, all the media in the world worth owning will be in the hands of a half a dozen giant companies'. As we enter 2001, Matt Henry looks into the impact of the concentration of ownership on the journalistic enterprise.
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