Various Artists
Bip-Hop Volume 4

By Miles Hawthorn

The fourth in this series is a truly international compilation pulling in artists from the UK, France, the USA and Australia. Defiantly in the vein of experimentalism, with the emphasis on mental, some of this work is truly out there. Datachi contributes two lairy and deranged electroid experiments that sound like alien bursts of static from some lost radio show. Cray produces a 12-minute noise fest, a clattering and nightmarish sound of seemingly random splurges of chopped-up, gibbering FX. There are moments of beauty here though; the Mira Calix track which takes the pots and pans approach to beat construction before morphing into a subtle rhythmic arrangement with a languid female vox is a personal fave. The minimal si-cut.db contributions with their drips and drops, stops and starts and skeletal beats, throbs and echoes are more engaging to me. To sum things up, this is a challenging album that many will like, though at times is too dislocated, jarring and discordant.
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