Various Artists
Quatermass versus Rather Interesting

By Miles Hawthorn

The third in a series of 'versus' match ups, this one pits Quatermass (electronic division of Sub Rosa) against Rather Interesting (the prolific Atom Heart's label). Lining up are heavyweights Plaid, Pole, Pram, Fibla and Mash'ta, taking on Dropshadow Disease, Fonosandwich, Pentatonic Surprise and Lisa Carbon (without her trio). Some fine tracks come out of this contest, particularly the mixes from Plaid, Pole and Fibla. I am also very fond of the original Lisa Carbon track – a fun filled 303 jam. There is only really one poor track on here in my opinion, the jazzy Fonosandwich piece which has an awful vocal sample in it. Ultimately I am glad to say it was a good clean fight and at the end of the day both sides can feel proud of their contributions, finishing in a classy and consistent compilation.
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