Trurl and Klapaucius
Sing Sweet Software

By Gavin Weale

Echoing a rich heritage of sound experimentation, executive producer Cristian Vogel presents an album where his machines truly do all the talking. Here Vogel borrows the metaphor of machines constructing machines: choosing his favourite pieces of software and letting them programme each other. The result is compelling, although hardly likely to have your little sister dancing around the living room. Extreme syncopation and erratic cyborg melody are the flavours, with interference, clicks and cuts punctuating the sound at every turn. Inevitably, this will be dismissed by many as going too far beyond the pale. But what's particularly striking is the sense of drifting along in a machine-generated sonic freeform, as with Breathe Bad Hair, eerily echoing the vibrating, creaking shuffle of your computer processor and modem frequencies. Are the machines taking over, Mother? I dunno – I'm hiding under the bedclothes.
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