Cherry Bomb

By Gavin Weale

Oh, tech-house. That much maligned and misunderstood 'genre', with its silly name that has had numerous cheesemongers clinging desperately onto the bandwagon heading all the way to San Francisco, via Fabric… Tape delay is the new arpeggio! But it's all just house and techno really, innit? I defy anyone, however, to fuck with the hypnotic, electronic territory that grooves at a house tempo while retaining a techy edge, when it's done as well as this. Richard Brown aka Cherry Bomb has a fair bit of experience in crafting delightfully headwrecking music, what with his apprenticeship at Warp and partnership with Chris Duckenfield as Swag. This live mix, recorded at Remedy in his home town of Sheffield, is a virtuoso performance of bleeps, effects, and twisted digital mindwronging, all four-to-the-flawed by the live factor – including mistakes, we are told. Picture a man bent over a console manipulating the knobs and sliders of an analogue control panel that is hard-wired to your drug-addled brain. Encounter him on the dancefloor at the right moment and this man will mash your head into tiny little squares.
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