The City's Collapsing (But Not Tonight)

By Miles Hawthorn

People love to pigeonhole music, inventing genres such as trip hop, big beat and click-house to simplify and compartmentalise music. It is therefore a genuine pleasure to hear something that is as genuinely fresh and expressive as this. Defying any attempts at easy categorisation, Michael Zorn presents a collection of deep and complex rhythm tracks. Fusing the very best of dub sounds, Detroit styled techno and British electronica, Zorn starts with basic grooves that develop via subtle melodies into deep and intricate rhythmic arrangements. There is no beat trickery for the sake of it though, the tracks are fluid and refined as opposed to jarring, and keep the listener constantly engaged. Tracks build around warm and fuzzy atmospherics, which perfectly complement the expansion of the rhythms. The cool electro beats that are the basis of the album work both the mind and the feet, though I would recommend kicking back and taking this in. Put simply you just have to give this a listen.
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