Various Artists
Border Crossing

By Edward Blake

The theme of travel is omnipresent here as label boss Robin Porter is an ex-Brit who has moved to Southern California. He has also tried to put out music that transcends both barriers and borders while maintaining the quality of output. He has attained these goals, as there is a wide variety of material here from the bubbling house of Lance De Sardi to the punchy techno of Maetrik. Highlights are Paul Mac's Another Chain in the Link, which is low, throbbing tech crossed with German click-haus, John Tejada and Arian Leviste's bleepy and juddery number that has got that distinctly old school British techno sound, and Robin Porter's Father Nature with its warm, fat bass, thoughtful keys and distant voices.

My only gripes would be that maybe these tracks might have benefited from being mixed together and that one or two out of eleven don't really have the ideas to justify their length. Overall though a very worthy round up of a quality deep house label.
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