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Innovation In The Dynamics Of Acid: Mixed By The Kosmik Kommando

By Andy Gain

Back in the mid 90s the boys at Rephlex started getting disillusioned with the way techno was going and the demise of Chicago acid sounds. To remedy the situation (probably for their own benefit more than anyone else's) Richard D James and Mike Dred recorded a wealth of raw analogue tracks with an insistent low-fi sound and commenced releasing them in four highly limited forms (Red, Blue, Yellow and Green). These quickly became underground classics and spawned a wealth of myths about their origins. Since these innocent looking twelves were landmarks in techno history and now changing hands for up to £250 for the set, the honourable chaps at Rephlex now make 95% of those tunes available to you on one handy CD, mixed by the Kosmik Kommando (Dred) into an unslaught of 303s, 101s, 606s and 202s without comparison to this day.

All that remains to be said on the subject is a quote from Rephlex themselves: "Trance is everywhere now. It sucks more than any genre we can think of at the moment. This CD is exactly what those people need."
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