Russell Haswell
Live Salvage 1997-2000

By Motorboy

At first listen Live Salvage appears to be little more than random feedback and unstructured white noise, the sort of effect you'd accidentally get if you played a computer program through an audio CD player. And there's no denying it, Live Salvage is certainly noise-based, but among the chaotic machine rantings and environmental recordings a sense of balance and grace subtlety evolves. Haswell presents himself as a multi-disciplinary artist, and here he is using generated and found sound as his medium to build industrial soundscapes, all of which were recorded at live performances over the four-year period 1997-2000. The resulting collection is the kind of cutting edge electronics that blurs the distinction between art and music. I'd advise you to give it a little listen before you buy it for next Mother's Day.
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