Every Dog Has Its Day

By Miles Hawthorn

Jeff Mills finally releases a CD compilation of his two very scarce Axis double packs for those who missed them first time round or who could not afford the exorbitant prices slapped on them.

A departure from his normal Purposemaker or Axis sound, these tracks are of a slower tempo and the focus is more on melody than usual. Mills offers up emotive, string-led tracks with languid cymbal crashes and organic basslines, achieving a richer, textured sound that is soothing and almost dreamlike. These tracks stand together as a cohesive collection that can be listened to from start to finish, but I can't help feeling that they would be better off on vinyl so they could be mixed up and played around with. Never mind though, the fact they are available again is a good thing and this is well worth having. Mills has his fair share of 'days' and this is another one to chalk up.
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