Various Artists
Recloose Presents: Jigsaw Music

By Miles Hawthorn

So often the adage that good producers do not make good DJ's is proved to be a correct one. Recloose however, best known as a recording artist on Planet E, manages to prove this wrong. The mixing is simple but slick, and manages to keep a good pace up throughout an interesting track selection. There are also sporadic (but not overdone) vocal snippets of 'Recloose in the mix' like an old style radio show. There is a strong Detroit presence here as Recloose includes tracks from himself, label-mate Ibex, Theo Parrish and Anthony Shakir. The emphasis is firmly on house-based tracks but there are elements of dub, jazz, funk and more broken beats blended into the mix. All in all a well-crafted and solid CD that fans of Recloose will love.
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