Daft Punk

By Kate Butler

Any fan of the Parisian punkers will know that they've never really taken themselves seriously in the pop scheme of things. But with this follow up to the titanic Homework album four years ago, they are in danger of inscribing themselves in the annals of music genius, complete with a fanbase that takes them very seriously indeed.

Yes, it's cheesey: their name flashes across the cover in mercury and there are unbelievably blatant lifts in their numerous instrumental odes (clock 10cc's I'm Not In Love on Nightvision or Prince's Ballad Of Dorothy Parker on Short Circuit for starters), and meanwhile we're asked 'why don't you play the game?' But it' s an easy game to play because in between the Van Halen solo and Jarre jesting there's plenty of disco music made for dancing, alongside endearing ballads – Something About Us is gorgeous and sweet and made by people who care very much. It might be easy to think they're just taking the piss, but I think they're on our side.
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