Phuture 303
Survival's Our Mission

By Nick Craddock

There aren't many recording artists who can stake a claim on being the first to use a 303 on record. Phuture 303's current streamlined incarnation consists of original member Earl 'Spanky' Smith and Damon 'Professor Trax' Neloms, with DJ Pierre drafted back for one number (a re-interpretation of the Lil Louis classic, Blackout).

This is a meaty collection of new material, coming in the format of three double vinyl packs. Survival's Our Mission is certainly more than just a title here – their blueprint for doing so involves the embracement of more linear European elements into the Chicago mould. It's a successful hybrid; more than just a crude graft of styles, as is evident with Riden, and Vintage Drums – both thunderously driving tech tracks. Those looking for more classic sounding material will have plenty to get their teeth into also, most obviously with String Free. Suffice to say it looks like Phuture will continue to survive for quite some time to come.
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