Various Artists
The Death Of Cool Part 2

By Franklyn J

Returning to the site of previous preposterousness, arch beat-freak Si Begg collates more outrageous oddities of global origin to augment the original Noodles ethos. Highlights (too many to mention) include Jamie Lidell's low-slung beatbox buffoonery, trumpet-drunk techno from Sand, killer electro from Micheal Forshaw, and a bloodthirsty cut up of the Spice Girl's If You Want To Be My Lover by Culture Cruncher. With 25 japes sewn into a sonic spin, there are admittedly one or two that slip through the quality control, but when it's all united with such joviality it doesn't seem that important in the grand scheme of things. Something to please everyone and something to offend everyone. Now that's the true height of cool.
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