Various Artists
The Braindance Coincidence

By Connall Lee

To celebrate one hundred releases of bona fide Braindance Rephlex bequeath unto us a really rephreshing collection of rhythmic rhapsody. And to celebrate Rephlex celebrating their one-hundredth release, Overload asked six-year old Connall Lee to assist with the review. The highlights are as follows: the squelchy electro-pop of The Glass Room by DMX crew made him think of his "bad plans", the chaotic, vocal-drenched Kymera by Mike Dred and Peter Green brought to mind "stinkbombs that you eat", Robotic by Vibert and Simmonds conjured images of "robots" (oddly enough), and as for the Steven Hawkin's meets Craig David genius of Rewind by Cylob… well, he was just too busy dancing.
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