Stacey Pullen
Today Is The Tomorrow You Were Promised Yesterday

By Kate Butler

Pullen threads a preoccupation with time through his latest LP. He opens with the track that was made the longest time ago, Tsunami, and closes with the most recent production Workshop401, a blueprint for his next album. All that lies between is a variety of classical Detroit techno, polyrhythmical turns and drum 'n' bass jazz loops, all served with a fine and funky disposition. Pullen is widely accredited as being an important component in the evolution of the Detroit sound, being an early user of afrocentric rhythms, and he is well capable of turning out an album that ranges beyond the ordinary.

However, there are moments of flakiness; Vertigo, complete with operatic vocals, is weak as is the Futuristickfreakqueen. Filled as it is with such classic gems as Juke, or the only dancefloor shooter, Powershot, it's hard not to find fault when the album is not overall entirely up to scratch.
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