Ewan Pearson
Small Change

By Miles Hawthorn

Ewan Pearson is otherwise known as Maas, who debuted with Latitude on Soma in 1997. Since then he has carried out remix duties for a number of different artists, from major label Leftfield to Aaron Carl of Metroplex fame, and this is a compilation of his favourite remixes.

Although there should be questions asked about the Mr Blobby-style pink and orange artwork, there can be no doubting the quality of the music on offer. Despite the diversity here, from the extensive spoken word ambience of his Christian Zimmerman mix, via the warm trip-pop of Yoshinori Sunahara, to the soulful dance floor funk of Chaser, sonically Maas has stamped his mark on all the tracks. There are no fillers: each track, although different, adds up to a high-class home listening experience. 'Small change'? I don't think so.
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