Electronic Corporation
Construction - Deconstruction

By Motorboy

Following on from their 1999 debut Plastic Omnium, Ive Muller and Rene Kirchner release their second collaborative album. Although German in origin, all eight electro tracks are unashamedly Detroit influenced, both in sound and political aspirations; classic Motor City fixations with the evolution of man and machine and understanding of their interaction are evident throughout.

From the unrefined machine electronics of Save Your Life, meant as a message not to be dominated by the daily struggle of life to Music is the Voice from Beyond with it's hypnotic rhythms and mantra-like title refrain, and the atmospheric '… Something Better Than Man?' posed as an open question urging evolutionary thought. The overall feel is very similar to Dopplereffekt, Drexciya et al. Raw and uncompromising it glorifies in its machine-based origins yet is infused with the subtle warmth that was a defining feature of the early Detroit producers.
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