Various Artists
Milesahead presents Incontinental

By Nick Doherty

A nice meeting of minds this, as London's Milesahead folk (who include Overload contributor Dave Stelfox) offer their collective sharp-ear to launch Internet broadcaster Groovetech's new label. Listeners to Milesahead's midweek show will be aware of the trio's ongoing fascination in finding beats where others don't look: check Schneider TM's re-working of The Smiths' There Is A Light… for evidence. Elsewhere, the work of Dan Berridge, Manitoba and Fug prop the more leftfield CD, with Atjazz, Spacer and Two Banks Of Four bringing the beats on the dancefloor-gazing second.

Perhaps most commendably Incontinental makes full use of two CDs – the jazz-rooted first progressing from being maudlin and twitchy, through funky and smooth (especially Trio Electrico) to tribal and straight ahead (Idjut Boys/Laj), the drum-driven second merging wierdbeat, oddball house and Detroit influenced textures. For an intro to, or emphasis of the vibrancy existing in genre-defying, template-tearing, progressive music, you're in the right place.
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