Various Artists
Comin From Tha D: Blueprint

By Nick Craddock

Intuit Solar seems dedicated to representing the best of underground music emanating from the much hallowed Motor City, and thankfully avoids becoming caught up on the regurgitation of myth and legend that at times acts as more of a hindrance to producers in the area. The 16 tracks contained on this CD occupy a broad stance musically – from the weirdigan electro of Le Car and Dopplereffekt, ghetto-tech of DJs Godfather and Assault, to the comparatively more reserved work of Andy Toth or Maersk. It's a raw and at times warped sounding cross-section of a city's musical output – those looking for ethereal strings and reverse edits can look elsewhere, but as representation of diversity in a city which continues to spawn innovative electronic music, it does it's job well.
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