DJ Assault
Off The Chain For The Y2K

By Nick Craddock

Based around a radio show format (complete with shout outs from some of Detroit's finest citizens), Off The Chain... features 83 (count 'em if you can) ghetto-tech jams, cut and scratched together at a worryingly fast pace, alongside some more familiar non-booty tracks: No UFOs, Alleys Of Your Mind, Energy Flash, No Way Back.

808s and 909s sit alongside breakneck breaks in the mix, more often than not peppered with 'vocals'. Most will be familiar with at least a handful of these smuttilly entitled numbers – rest assured, there's enough to keep your average schoolboy tittering for weeks.

This is straight up party music, and has merit as such. It's greater than the sum of it's parts – comedy factor alone won't keep you coming back to it, but it does make strangely compelling listening, and Assault's mixing has to be heard to be believed. 'Off the chain?' – you bet your booty it is.
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