Sean Deason
Allegory & Metaphor

By Nick Craddock

As a member of the so-called 'Third Wave' of Detroit producers, Sean Deason has at times been eclipsed by the more famous members of the fraternity, but here he amply demonstrates that he can more than hold his own amongst the ranks.

Allegory & Metaphor
has Detroit written all over it – it's drenched in emotion, and spacey – but manages to conjure a futuristic feel without re-treading old ground. Deason displays a mature mastery of each musical component, enabling him to craft beautifully textured soundscapes which avoid ever sounding cluttered or inappropriate. Percussion is used sparingly, and with variance – some well-executed breakbeats ensure that, as an album, it has more lasting appeal than yet another collection of 4/4 shakedowns. I'm reluctant to resign it to 'home-listening' status, as there are tracks with a kick-drum driven insistence, notably 2030 AD, and the Claude Young collaboration Zig, but it works very well as a larger piece of work.
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