Third Eye Foundation
I Poo Poo On Your Juju

By Kate Butler

It's quite a departure from Matt Elliot's early days as a Bristol drum 'n' bass kid, but besides that this remix LP is more in line with last year's Little Boy Lost album. Elliot still has a penchant for letting his beats skid and trip over themselves, but he likes a bit o' transcendentalism on the side too. Full of pathos, he scripts chopped sonatas in his original work and he retains that mood in the remix work, firstly by virtue of the kind of work he's reprising and also because of his own emotional infusions. Reworking the likes of Yann Tiersen (French theatre and film soundtrack composer) or Tarwater (Krautrockers in the school of To Rococo Rot, Mouse On Mars etc) or collaborating with Brass Eye's Chris Morris all suits our triple vision friend. He wears their work well and imbues it with plenty of personal panache.
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