Various Artists
Leaf Compilation mixed by Susumu Yokota

By Franklyn J

There are only fifty or so copies of this Japan-only release floating around in the UK at present, but when you combine one of the UK's most eclectic electronic labels with one of Japan's most wanted DJ/producers the results are certainly worth documenting.

Not so much mixed as hand picked and arranged in order with slight overlap, Yakota's 25-track selection is a more digestible introduction to Leaf's non-agenda than the plucky Osmosis compilation from 1999, culling nothing too harsh or obtrusive from the vaults. Featuring Pole, 310, Freeform, Manitoba and Yokota himself, there's certainly no criticism in the music; a spread of the label's rich produce from 1997 to 2000, including a few previously unreleased gems. Yokota's fading between the tracks is very rapid at times but the ordering of the mix is majestic; from the captivating tribal groove of Eardrum's Swarm with its hot moody vibe and flustered brass section, to tripped-out xylophone ditties from Rob Ellis and skeletal future funk from Beige.

There may be millions of mix CDs lurking out there, but few have a shelf life anywhere near as long as this.
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