Various Artists
Richie Hawtin - Selections 1990 - 2000

By Valerie Snails

Canada's favourite bald beat junkie gets out his back-catalogue out for Australia's Hardware Corporation, culminating in a ten-track CD-only re-release that maps out Hawtin's extensive production work over the past decade in a well-structured package. Given the sheer range of material he's been responsible for (a point emphasised by the eight-page discography included here in the sleeve booklet) the quality of music here is expectedly faultless (although much of his older, rawer material dominates) – with tastily designed black and white packaging to boot.

Entering Hawtin's twisted acidic world via the sublime electronic entity A New Day (as Fuse), the compilation revisits classic artefacts such as Krakpot and Spastik (as Plastikman) and Substance Abuse (again as Fuse), alongside more contemporary moments such as 'Are Friends Electrik' (again as Plastikman) and Minus:Orange (one of only two records to be released under his own name). Any self-respecting fan could probably burn themselves a CDR like this from their own collection, but for those with a penchant for all things Richie, this a very nice item to own indeed.
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