By Kate Butler

What starts out as a bizarre medley of glitches (there's even a track called Obligatory Glitch Worship), snares and piercing whistles quickly transcends any confusion, and what us common folk know as music strikes out like a figure from the veins of coarse marble. Lesser is a chipper, a careful moulder – definitely not to be confused with a hacker. No, here you have a reverence for heavy metal, rap, hip hop, drum and bass, samples, synths, James Mason, radio friendly and fireworks. It's all here folks.

J Lesser, aka LSR is a progeny of some weird school of West Coast silicon sensibility. Collaborator of Kid 606 (on Mille Plateaux amongst others) and touring member of Matmos, he has already staked a solo stance with Vinyl Communication. Like another West Coast crate digger, DJ Shadow, he has made this album as a tribute to those who wear their music as a badge of love, honour and till death do them part. However, he does not build; there is minimum layering here, no sample crescendoing upon sample. He changes form. He radically alters sound. By track seven you'll see what we mean. Intuit like an Innuit unfolds a melody and absorbs. After that The Gearhound Suite forms the axis of the album, featuring four parts named with astute reference to the specialist silliness of the world we've entered: Lurker, Chinstroker, Tablegazer, Gearhound Magi. Is Lesser a Magus? Not likely, but we'll keep an eye on this star.
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