Burnt Friedman
Plays Love Songs

By Valerie Snails

Had to be a winner this, the third, finely honed incarnation of an album recorded over the past four years, originally intended for release on two other (now defunct) labels.

'This is more than music alone, it's the rhythmic poetry of amor' states fusion genius Friedman, describing this new long-player for his Nonplace project. Fusing spoken word and complex sample work into a richly humorous music form, this ten-track anthology of love-tinged twisters (five of which appeared on last year's Lovesongs EP) practically dances out of the CD player, embracing physical and emotional notions of love, lust and longing.

It Hurts
tells the tale of a sexually repressed young office worker who breaks his arm falling off his workplace building while trying to get in, all set against a backdrop of warm-chords and sparse jazz drumming; I Go With You is future pop genius, with live bass work, joyful melodies and rather disturbing vocodered crooning, while Sex Working Class encourages us to 'choose anything you want, and fuck with yourself.' How splendid!

Some of his breast work, no butts.
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