Pan Sonic

By Kate Butler

Pan Sonic are Finnish analog freaks who make decidedly expansive, er, minimal beat music. They used to be called Panasonic, but that was before the Japanese electronics firm said 'no ta' to a sponsorship deal. Since then the trio decided dropping a vowel would be the most honourable thing to do. But aside from all that, they've been busy making music that, like the album title implies (it means 'wave circle' for those of you not quite up to scratch on Finn lingo) is encompassing and can swallow you up, particularly tracks like Hallapyydys. The music shimmers on this album, and while they always seemed light years ahead anyway, Liuos is iridescent and enlightening. For people who avoid using synths and samplers, there is still a crispness and clarity to Pan Sonic's production. Forget your Flymos and your Dysons, this is analog and it's far more stylish.
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