By Mathew Riley

Another posthumous release from the ubiquitous Bryn Jones. Notorious when he was at his creative peak, producing what seemed like a couple of CDs per month a few years ago, his releases were beginning to show increasing evidence of a willingness to hybridise his trademark Middle Eastern political ambient/mantra/beats with electronics, noise, hip hop and techno. His untimely passing left us with a few years worth of unreleased material and record companies have not disappointed his fans by continuing the steady stream of releases.

Jones remixed several artists from the Law & Auder roster and this 2xCD collection features his remixes and interpretations of Talvin Singh, Luke Vibert, Doppler 20-20, Bill Laswell/Makyo, Pearl, Spooncurve, Moondogg, Oyster and Apollon, V-Neck and Force of Angels. Diverse they are too: crunchy electro, grating noise, mesmeric eastern trance, flute-laden breakbeat and quirky electronica are all part of the unique blend. Interestingly, and in keeping with his vision, Jones gave his own titles to the tracks rather than use those suggested by the artists.

I haven't heard any of the original tracks but these remixes only serve to strengthen Jones' reputation. Thoroughly challenging and thoroughly recommended.
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