Jolly Bar

By Andy Gain

Take equal parts of cool funk, dodgy drum machines, Psychic Youth type loops, ludicrous cut ups, delicious electronics and hey presto, you're Jolly. Well actually you're not. Two Romans by the names of Francesco de Bellis and Mario Pierro are, but you'll certainly be grinning form ear to ear when Jolly Bar seeps into your lugholes.

Although undoubtedly odd, each track charms you with its pervasive jollity (!) and the diversity of influences somehow blend together perfectly, yet never formulaically. Electronic music hasn't been this frivolous since the 1970s, so lap it up before someone sticks a label on it and spoils it all. Worth the purchase for the ending alone – a comedy feast of crackling that will have you jumping up to take the needle off your CD player.
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