Various Artists
Plus 8 Classics 1990-97

By Andy Gain

Few labels have done as much to change the face of techno as Plus 8, and this double LP or CD collection of their work up to the label's suspension in 1997 is intended to put the lid on what was eight years of world-altering innovation. With undisputed classics like Cybersonic's Technarchy, Fuse's FU2, Plastikman's Spastik and a host of tracks from the likes of Speedy J, Silvershower, Kooky Scientist and Kenny Larkin, you just can't help but be astonished at the depth of quality on this release.

Although the early work has been compiled before on the States of Mind LP it's the first time the full history has been put together. Rather than lay the tracks out chronologically they have chosen to place old next to new, serving to highlight the freshness of tunes now 10 years old. Fuck buttercandy, give this to your grandchildren. A genuine historical document.
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