Various Artists

By Andy Gain

Let's pray God's got a sense of humour. Twenty cutting-edge electronic artists recreate hymns and anthems of their choice in a highly disrespectful manner on this innovative and tongue-in-cheek CD. Try to imagine a speed fuelled WI shuffling to Puppy's drum 'n' bass take of Jerusalem, or the combination of Steven Hawkins and Richard Clayderman on Freeform's Morning has broken.

The basic concept is to revisit sound archetypes we were issued with as children in order to explore parallels with our sonic present. If that's a bit highbrow for you, it's about letting loose the child inside artists like David Toop, Osymyso, Add N to X, Kit Clayton and many more. The result is a unique angle on today's electronica scene and perhaps the launch pad for a new set of archetypes for tomorrow's children. School assemblies would be so much more tolerable if only that could be true.
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