Various Artists
Future Lounge 03

By Dave Stelfox

This third installment in Stereo Deluxe's Future Lounge series will be no disappointment to fans of the German label's previous compilations. Label boss Oli Roesch offers a lush, soulful collection of 15 smoky, late-night gems.

Kicking off with the contrarily sunny vibes of Pablo's Reincarnation, then moving on through Mutaburaka with the Latin-tinged dub of Dis Poem and the previously unreleased, piano-spattered delights of Sieg Der Liebe on 2. Tag, Future Lounge 03 winds and twists its way through genre and style with a blissfully chilled-out, easy listening air.

Other highlights include the imprint's own Trio Eléctrico with the rootsy breaks of Return Of The Coconut Grove, Karma's rumbling jazz on Modifications #2 and F Com Romantics A Reminiscent Drive with the short, sublimely sweet acoustic guitar-filled Ambrosia. But the best moment comes in the form of the classic bossa nova of Astrud Gilberto's Maria Quiet. Blissfully chilled.
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