Various Artists
Frikyiwa - Collection 2

By Rob Fraser

Frederic Galliano's pioneering label follows up last year's first Frikyiwa collection and luckily for us the same quality of music continues to shine through here. A welter of talent, from both the traditional African and electronic camps meet head on with eight inspiring collaborations, showing precisely how this world fusion business should be done. Kicking off with the sumptuous strains of Abdulaye Diabate's Foronto as interpreted by Llorca, the scene is set for Alex Attias' driving jazz break-fuelled take on Yankaw by Nahawa Doumbia and Galliano's own epic 11-minute rendering of Neba Solo's Noumou Foly with its slowly building, surging swells of melody and dense percusion. Man of the moment IG Culture is also on hand to provide a typically fractured New Sector Movements mix of Nahawa Doumbia's blistering Fatien while Stefan Betke gets yet more mileage out of his broken Waldorf 4-pole filter with the eerily transluscent finale of Lobi Traoré's Sayo. Superb.
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