Various Artists
Constructions: Sofa Surfers Remixed and Dubbed

By Valerie Snails

Vienna's favourite dub-munching electronica heads get ripped to shreds and glued loosely back together by a host of downtempo new school pioneers. A fine roster on display too, with contributions from the likes of Ian Simmonds, Richard Dorfmeister, Eardrum and legendary guru of skank 'n' wobble, the Mad Professor.

Commencing with a languid soundtracky excursion from Simmonds', Constructions opens out into undulating bass frequencies, sweet twisted melodies and crisp broken rhythms which melt thoughtfully together to form a very accessible hour of easy, if slightly twisted listening. Given the range of artists here the overall result is surprisingly not as off-the-wall as the Surfer's recent Cargo long-player. Still, there are plenty of memorable moments  (Mum, Enduro, Mad Professor), with enough unpredictability to counteract the odd generic tendency.
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