MC Paul Barman
How Hard Is That

By Dave Stelfox

MC Paul Barman is not you usual, run-of-the mill, gun-totin', crack-tootin', ho'-slappin' rapper. In fact, he's a rather funny-looking Ivy League graduate and, as he says, 'the hottest thing in popular culture' at the moment.

With idiosyncratically erudite flows addressing the MC's cleverness, sexual neuroses and social ineptitude How Hard Is That? takes up where the previous, Prince Paul-produced It's Very Stimulating EP left off, its overtly ridiculous air peppered with the frenetic scratches and purposefully irritating operatic samples of turntablist AV. The second track, Housemate Troubles delves deeper, with thick, throbbing breaks, ripping cuts and similar, comedy-slanted commentary.

Utterly ludicrous and very funny, it seems that Barman has cornered the market in geek-hop buffoonery and with an absolutely hilarious sleeve, How Hard Is That? certainly isn't too difficult to like.
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