Empire State
Why Climb The Highest Mountain?

By Dave Stelfox

More sublime, forward-looking, folksy electronica from the Melodic label. This time the Yorkshire imprint turns to the Athens, Georgia-based Empire State for this toweringly evocative EP. Why Climb... opens with an unsettling voice-over coupled with atmospheric thunderclaps before drifting off into a blissful flute-soaked, downbeat meander. But don't get too comfortable as an unexpected turn into twisted, introspective territory occurs at around the halfway point, with scouring bass tones creating an altogether darker, more disturbing atmosphere. If you fancy a break from all the electric stuff, the flip even sees the trio return to more familiar guitar-driven pop, so there is something here for every mood. The best thing to come out of Hebden Bridge since the last Melodic release.
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