Terrence Dixon
From the Far Future

By Miles Hawthorn

He may be one of Detroit's less well-known producers, but Dixon has previously co-produced Juan Atkins' Skynet, released two twelves on Metroplex and collaborated with Claude Young on his own Utensil imprint. As you would expect, this album is steeped in the tradition of true Detroit techno, embodying a truly rich, warm and organic sound. Dixon fuses lush, atmospheric strings with super-fast fizzing top-end percussion and bass-heavy kicks. In addition to a raw punchy funk, the tracks have a sultry dreamlike ambience, possessing the classic feel of pure Detroit mood music. From the Far Future it may be, but this double sounds like a drawing together of past, present and future. Timeless.
Diggarama posted 2 March 2007 (23:16:58)
You can download Dixon's new (and free) EP on the Diggarama netlabel at www.diggarama.com - it's called Sabbatical EP.
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