Our Girl in Havana

By Dave Stelfox

Dirk Swartenbroekx follows up 1998's Mocha Supremo with another richly blended album of jazz-influenced electronic fusion. Our Girl In Havana takes its cue from a diverse range of influences but focuses on Latin rhythms and deep textural programming, adding up to a sophisticated lounge-style long-player that translates equally as well to the dancefloor. Shifting from drum 'n' bass, through house and downbeat in tracks such as The Salon Section, First Flight To London and Angel of LA, Buscemi never sticks to a tried-and-tested formula and there are many subtle surprises to be found on Our Girl In Havana. Each track is accomplished and sensual, but the ones that really get the cigar are the divinely dreamy Astrud Gilberto-like Ramiro's Theme and the exquisite cover of Belgian band Bernthöler's My Suitor. Highly recommended.
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