By Dave Stelfox

He's Madonna's favourite producer and the latest big thing from France. You've heard the obvious comparisons with Daft Punk, Kojak, Cassius and the rest, but what is Mirwais really about? Well, on the strength of his debut album it's quite safe to say that heavily filtered, subtly twisted dance music with intelligence and integrity figures fairly high on the agenda.

From the opening Disco Science to I Can't Wait, by way of Junkie's Prayer and Definitive Beat, production shifts between mid-paced dubby electronica, up-tempo house and moments of inspiring experimentalism that bring a much-needed touch of soulful class to the Gallic sound. Vocoders and dirty phasing all play a key role in the album's gritty urban character but the driving orchestrations and deep beats of Never Young Again are the stand-out moment of a cracking soon-to-cross over LP. Buy, beg, borrow or steal a copy but just make sure you get it soon.
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