Various Artists
The Forgotten Sounds Of Tomorrow

By Tom Magic Feet

This exemplary 16-track compilation rounds up the first five years output of Detroit's Ersatz Audio label, home to Le Car, Adult., Artificial Material and more, plus various guests from time to time, such as Gerhard Potuznik, Kitbuilders and BMG from Ectomorph. Most everything here could accurately be described as electro, but a particularly pristine, shiny and thoroughly 'electronic' variant of electro with plenty of vocals (not just samples, real full-blown lyrics) which, set against the synth-heavy music, give this album a bizarre kind of eighties feel. The tracks here may span five years, but there's a remarkable stability and consistency to this collection, which is both a tribute to Ersatz's rigorous artistic sensibilities and a guarantee that if funky, futuristic electro is your thing, then The Forgotten Sounds Of Tomorrow are already here.
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