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DJ-Kicks: Stereo MC's

By Dave Stelfox

K7's DJ Kicks series has brought some of the most varied and inspirational mix compilations of recent years to public ears with the likes of Kruder & Dorfmeister, Smith & Mighty, Kemistry (RIP) & Storm and Kid Loco's recent downbeat downpour. And they continue the tradition with a fine collection of cuts from the Stereo MCs.

Although things have been quiet for the duo – they haven't released an LP for seven years – they haven't lost touch with quality music. Rob and The Head tear through old-school and contemporary classics such Ultamagnetic MCs' perrennial Poppa Large, DJ Polo's Road To The Riches, Sofa Surfers' Beans & Rice, The Funky Lowlives' Latazz and their own exclusive new tracks with earthy mixing and rough cuts which, far from being irritating, add an vibrant live feel to the selection and show a genuine no-nonsense enthusiasm for quality sounds. We've all had great lazy days playing records with our mates and this really is no different. That's the beauty of it.
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