By Paul Gannaway

This is a pure shot of excellence into the blood-stream of electronica. Coming from a Black Dog/Autechre/Boards of Canada angle, Pilote manages to out class all of these mainstays' recent output with a gorgeous combination of live and electronic instrument sounds, cheap equipment, quirky samples and uplifting harmonies.

It's early days but I'd certainly say we have a classic here – everyone I've played this to, from all manner of music tastes, has raved over it. Perhaps the most accomplished thing about Antenna is that it truly works as an album. The flow of tracks and emotions takes you through a joyful adventure in nostalgia, humour, funk and studio trickery without ever disappearing up its own asshole. You can only hope that the recognition that will come from this release will not spoil Pilote's vision of honest, emotional sounding music. Very, very promising.
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